Mark Gonzales

You’ve been traveling, where have you been?

Uptown, Tribeca, Dumbo, Chinatown

What was that like?

I hate brooklyn

Where are you at right now?

Sunset marquis west hollywood

You lived in Paris for a bit, right?


What does Paris have that New York doesn’t?

Great brasseries

Do you speak french?

Yes not very well

Can you give me a french poem?



la fam

les chaussures

la porte

la rivière

les rêves

le ciel

la prison

vous en

Je vois dans votre


tes joues

descuchion parfaite



les oiseaux qui mangent des ordures

et le ciel

rouge comme le

des incendies


Is there anything that you wish New York still had?

More gas stations they seem to be disappearing

Favorite artist?

Miro, Matisse, Mondrian

Favorite poet?

Thomas Hardy

When did you start making art?

When i was really young but trying to be serious about it was after i got involved with skating and met Neil Blender

Writing poetry?


You have a distinct way of writing that feels very organic. Was there anything that influenced this?

Jim Morrison

Can you tell me about Back Worlds and For Words, the performance you did in ’98 in Germany?

At the time i had a more complex idea of what would happen and if seems if i had made it that way i envisioned it then it would not have been as good. the simplicity made it work

Who made the outfit?

I took it to an embroidery place. it is just a fencing outfit

Would you ever want to do something like that now?

Yes for sure

What was your biggest influence when you were 20?

Neil Blender

What is your biggest influence now?

I don’t know

Do you read a lot?

I try to

Last book you read?

I read books to my daughter before she goes to bed.

Anything you’d like to add?

Travel safe be well

Conversation with Mark Gonzales, NYC, May 2016. Photography by Études Studio.